This calculator provides a method of conversion of milk quantities between the various international units of measure in four easy steps.

1. Set the fat and protein composition as % (This is fixed at 4.0% fat and 3.3% protein for Kilogram ECM)

2. Set the composition measurement basis: Typically if quantities are reported as volume (e.g. litres, gallons) use m/v (mass/volume) if reported as weight use m/m (mass/mass)

3. Set true or crude protein: True protein is used in Australia, US and France whilst crude protein is used in the most of Europe and New Zealand

4. Set the milk quantity and units: Enter the quantity to be converted and select the units of measure from the drop down list.

And here you have the answer!

  This Composition & Quantity:  
m/v m/m
True Crude
  Is Equivalent To:    
    Kilograms ECM  
    Kilograms Natural  
    Gallons (US)  
    Kg Milk Solids  

Details and specifications:

ECM: Energy corrected milk, standardised to 4% fat and 3.3% protein.

Milk density factor: 1.033 to convert between volume and mass, i.e. 1 litre of milk corresponds to 1.033 kg of milk.

NPN factor: 0.18 to convert between true and crude protein.

Combined IFCN world milk price indicator
May 2016
19.4 €/100kg arrow down
22.1 US-$/100kg arrow down
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IFCN world feed price indicator
May 2016
21.0 €/100kg arrow up
24.0 US-$/100kg arrow up
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